How to connect AirVisual Pro to Wi-Fi

To connect the AirVisual Pro to Wi-Fi, you have 2 options:

1- Using the AirVisual app: Open the AirVisual app, click on the middle "+" sign > "Manage my devices & Wi-Fi" > press the small WiFi icon or "Configure Wi-Fi" for a registered device, if available. Follow the instructions.

configure wifi in AirVisual app

2- Using the Pro itself: Press the center button for settings menu > 'Network', you should see the available networks. Select the Wi-Fi you want and use the virtual keyboard to enter the Wi-Fi password to join.

Make sure that your Wi-Fi network doesn't require web authentication (this is common in hotels, offices and public Wi-Fi hotspots). Web authentication is not supported by the AirVisual Pro: http://support.airvisual.com/knowledgebase/articles/953269-connecting-the-node-to-wi-fi-networks-with-web-aut

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