Wildfire Map Spotlight: South Fork and Salt Fires, New Mexico

What is the name and location of the wildfire?

As of Tuesday morning, June 18, 2024 the South Fork Fire is burning across south-central New Mexico, near the village of Ruidoso (1)(2)(3). The roughly 14,000 acre-fire started on tribal and government lands, specifically on the Mescalero Apache Reservation and surrounding U.S. Forest Service land.

Another fire, the Salt Fire, is also burning near the village on the Mescalero Apache Reservation and has burned nearly 5,000 acres of land.

Which cities or areas are affected by the wildfire?

The primary areas affected by the South Fork and Salt Fires are the village of Ruidoso and the nearby community of Alto.

The Mescalero Apache Reservation and surrounding regions in the Sierra Blanca mountain range are also impacted. Emergency shelters have been set up in Roswell, and provisions are being made for evacuees in Roswell and Alamogordo.

Wildfire smoke and falling ash may impact air quality in surrounding communities.

What is the current containment status of the wildfire?

As of Tuesday morning, both the South Fork and Salt Fires are 0% contained. The South Fork Fire has rapidly grown, reaching approximately 14,000 acres. The Salt Fire has reached about 5,000 acres.

Are there any evacuation orders or alerts in place?

Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for the village of Ruidoso and surrounding areas. Authorities have instructed residents to evacuate immediately without attempting to gather belongings.

Evacuation centers have been established, including at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell and the Inn of the Mountain Gods Convention Center on the Mescalero Apache Reservation.

Additionally, air quality alerts and highway closures are in effect.

How can I protect myself from wildfire smoke?

Always plan ahead to protect yourself from wildfire smoke.

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