Atem X

Atem X combines powerful air filtration, quiet sensor-based operation, and Energy Star rated efficiency—all in a slim, beautiful form factor. The Atem X can clean all the air in a large room thanks to its BionicCore and Flexible Air Rotation technologies. It features internal air quality sensors that allow automatic operation based on the sensors’ measurements. Atem X is also Bluetooth enabled with smart app capabilities.

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Atem X in white room with stairs

Powerful air purification. Quiet performance. Stunning design.

Atem X combines powerful air filtration, quiet sensor-based operation, and Energy Star rated efficiency—all in a slim, beautiful form factor.

Engineered to Remove



Bacteria¹ &


Atem X: Powerful air purification, quiet performance, stunning design

Suitable for extra-large rooms

A high efficiency air purifier for extra-large rooms, Atem X provides up to two air cleaning cycles per hour for a 1650 sq. ft. (154 m2) space. Flexible Air Rotation (FAR) technology delivers clean air further into the room and increases room circulation and air cleaning. Multiple Atem X air purifiers can be combined to a Constellation to create optimal air distribution in large rooms.

Highly effective removal of viruses

Independently tested removal rate of 99.99% for viruses such as the human coronavirus (HCoV-229E), responsible for the common cold, the influenza A virus (H1N1), responsible for the seasonal flu, and the enterovirus 71 (EV71), responsible for hand, foot and mouth disease.

Slim, space saving design

Slim design beautifully integrates into virtually any indoor space, Atem X is the perfect air purifier for extra-large rooms, requiring minimal floor space of only two sheets of paper. Patented BionicCore technology allows for more air to be cleaned with less noise and less energy in a slimmer, smaller form factor than traditional air purifiers.

Atem X Made in Germany with Love

Atem X Room Air Purifier Technical Specifications
  • General Specifications
  • Filters
  • AirBorne pollutants:

    Filters ≥ 99% at 0.003 microns

    Average Filter Life**



    HyperHEPA HF:

    1-2 year

  • Specifications
  • Air Delivery per fan speed measured at 120V, 60HZ; tolerance ± 10% (± 6fm)

    Speed 1: 100 m3h

    Speed 2: 150 m3h

    Speed 3: 200 m3h

    Speed 4: 300 m3h

    Speed 5: 400 m3h

    Speed 6: 500 m3h

    Speed 7: 650 m3h

    Speed 8: 750 m3h

    Maximum Coverage:

    Up to 1650 sq. ft.

  • Dimensions
  • (including stand) H 27.1” x D 10” (H 688 x D 254 mm)

  • Warranty
  • 10 years on parts and labor (excluding filters and sensors)

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