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Heatwave Map Spotlight: U.S. Southwest Heatwave

Extreme heat warnings have been issued across the Southwestern United States. Find out more about how heatwaves can impact air quality.

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Indoor Air Quality Alert: Flooding in Southern Germany

Severe flooding in southern Germany has killed five people. Find out how flooding can impact your health and indoor air quality in the days that follow. Read More >

Wildfire Map Spotlight: Corral Fire

The Corral Fire caused evacuations in and around the city of Tracy, California on June 2, 2024. Read and discover more about this active wildfire.

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Air pollution masks: What works, what doesn’t

To mask or not to mask? Learn which air pollution masks will help protect you from air pollution and airborne infections. Read More >

Wildfire Map Spotlight: Blue 2 and Indios Fires

Two New Mexico fires have burned 12,000 acres combined. Find out more about these fires. Read More >

How industrial pollution affects air quality

Refineries, mills, mines, and manufacturing plants can all emit dangerous airborne pollutants. See how industrial pollution can affect air quality and health. Read More >

Wildfire Map Spotlight: Wildcat Fire in Arizona

There is a wildfire in Tonto National Forest near Phoenix. Find out more about this fast-growing fire. Read More >

Wildfire Map Spotlight: Parker Lake Wildfire

The Parker Lake wildfire in British Columbia has triggered a city-wide evacuation in Canada and created air quality alerts across Canada and the northern Midwest. Find out more about this fire. Read More >

Understanding Indoor Air Quality

Explore why indoor air quality varies by room and how to monitor it for a healthier home. Learn More. Read More >

Crop burning smoke: A global health threat

Crop burning is a common, worldwide practice – and the smoke from agricultural fires can have a terrible impact on our health. Read to better understand why.

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Indoor Air Quality Alert: East Texas Flash Flood Warnings

Flash flood warnings and flood watches are in effect for most of East Texas and western Louisiana. Find out how flooding may impact your indoor air quality. Read More >

How dust storms affect air quality

Dust storms can pose a sudden health hazard by limiting visibility and filling the air with pollutants. See how dust storms can affect air quality and health. Read More >