Lab filtration systems can protect staff from airborne contaminants

A recent study of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions found that laboratory rooftops contained significantly higher VOC levels than non-laboratory rooftops. The goal was to determine if a lab’s VOCs impacted the surrounding environment. The study was conducted at a university campus and included six buildings -- four buildings with labs and two without.

Findings revealed that the VOCs emitted from the laboratory buildings were significantly higher than the non-laboratory buildings. Researchers recommended installing an air purification system in the hood ventilation to help prevent atmospheric pollution and adverse health effects on the university population.

Health risks inside a lab

If VOCs were causing significant health risks outside the laboratories, just imagine what they could do to staff in an enclosed area such as a laboratory. VOC exposure can potentially cause allergies; headaches; eye, nose and throat irritation; fatigue; nausea; and skin irritation. At high levels, the effects are even more serious.

To help protect workers, there are a few proven ways to successfully manage airborne contaminants in a lab. The key is how the lab is constructed and set up. First and foremost is a ventilation system designed to remove contaminants through the general exhaust. Also, a high-performance lab filtration system can remove the odors and ultrafine complements a fume hood’s performance, which must function well enough to draw air effectively.

IQAir solutions

IQAir specializes in the highest quality air filtration systems and technologies. IQAir’s filtration technologies work in conjunction with other safety measures, such as fume hoods and respiratory protective measures, to supplement a laboratory’s existing system.

IQAir specialists are available for consultations regarding air quality needs in laboratories. They can develop and customize solutions for specific needs. To learn more about IQAir’s systems for labs, click here to download our free e-book today.

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