Celebrating Swiss National Day

To IQAir, “Swiss Made” is more than a label we affix to our high-performance products.

It’s an identity. A nationhood. A symbol of pride. But what is Swiss National Day to IQAir and Switzerland?

“Swiss-ness” is a deeply embedded part of IQAir’s identity, as well as the identities of millions of Swiss people.

Like IQAir, Switzerland’s 8.7 million residents declare their pride in being Swiss on August 1.

What does Swiss National Day celebrate?

Swiss National Day, which falls on August 1, memorializes the founding of the Swiss Confederation. In 1291, the territorial districts, or cantons, of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden aligned with each other to present a united front against the growing Habsburg dynasty that ruled neighboring Austria. To formalize the agreement, the Federal Charter of 1291, or Pacte du Rütli, was signed.

The country of Switzerland now encompasses 26 cantons situated on almost 16,000 square miles in a mountainous region bordered by Austria, as well as Germany, France, Italy, and Liechtenstein.

How is Swiss National Day celebrated?

The day of commemoration, which wasn’t recognized as an official public holiday in Switzerland until 1994, mostly centers on local festivities, as the Swiss people are known for their dedication to community.

Like most national celebrations around the world, traditional food and drink play a big role in the day’s activities.

It often starts with a farmer’s breakfast or brunch with eggs, sausages, rosti (a potato dish) and bread buns including the traditional Augustweggen – the top of which features a cross reminiscent of the Swiss flag.

The Swiss national sausage, cervelat, is the main course for many afternoon and evening barbecues. And of course, cheese is served with every meal. Swiss hard apple cider is often the beverage of choice during, and in between, meals.

Throughout the day, citizens enjoy parades, musical events (some featuring yodeling and alphorns), and historical re-creations with citizens bedecked in colorful costumes surrounded by all manner of flags.

At night, children take to streets, carrying paper lanterns that bear Switzerland’s red and white cross symbol, and fireworks can be seen and heard throughout the country. More traditional celebrations involve building a bonfire in an elevated spot, commemorating Switzerland’s early history and the ongoing strides that led to full independence.

Prominent members of a community give speeches about the values of “Swiss-ness,” and what the future promises for the proud citizens of this multicultural, yet peaceable nation.

Swiss National Day is widely regarded as one of the most important holidays in Switzerland. It is a day when the entire nation comes together to celebrate their shared heritage and values.

What does being Swiss mean to IQAir?

Swiss-ness permeates everything we do. It drives our vision, our mission, our processes, and our philosophy.

We’re dedicated to quality and our international, multicultural community.

From the award-winning HealthPro Series to the elegant, high-performance Atem X air purifier, to the radically inventive AirVisual platform and air quality app, we work tirelessly to ensure that all IQAir technology is at the forefront of our field in quality, innovation, and effectiveness.

For IQAir, Swiss National Day celebration of our heritage and a commitment to maintaining the highest standards in everything we do, inspired by the values of our Swiss roots.

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