PerfectPro Series Whole-House Air Purifiers

PerfectPro installed in home
PerfectPro installed in home
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Success Stories

Indoor Air Quality Alert: South Texas Flood Watch

Parched South Texas and northeastern Mexico are receiving heavy rains, but this could result in unwelcome flooding across the region. Find out more about this weather event.

Wildfire Map Spotlight: South Fork and Salt Fires, New Mexico

Two very large fires are threatening residents in Ruidoso, New Mexico, prompting an evacuation. Discover more about this quickly developing fire event.

Heatwave Map Spotlight: Northeastern and Southwestern US

There are heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in place for much of the United States. See where the heatwave is expected and how it will affect your air quality.
RHMC on tablet with hands
RHMC on tablet with hands

¹In independent laboratory testing, the PerfectPro series of filters achieved a 99.9% reduction of airborne influenza A.