Rolling Stone reviews Atem Desk: "The best portable air purifier."

IQAir’s Atem Desk "is the best portable air purifier," according to a recent review by Rolling Stone Magazine (1). Its innovative design, advanced filtration technology, and user-friendly features make it a standout in personal air purification.

Rolling Stone highlighted the Atem Desk in its article “The Best HEPA Air Purifiers for Smoke, Germs and Viruses,” singling the portable air purifier for its exceptional performance and convenience.

The review emphasized Atem Desk’s superior filtration, utilizing powerful HyperHEPA filtration which removes ultra-fine particles down to 0.003 microns. This means that it can effectively protect users from airborne particles, viruses, and particles ten times smaller than a virus. The result: 99% purified air delivered directly to you. It covers up to 150 square feet, making it “great for your desk or a small room.”

The review also praised Atem Desk’s circular design, allowing for optimal airflow and quiet operation. A seamless user experience was also noted, as the Atem Desk can be operated and monitored through IQAir’s user-friendly app.

The takeaway

Rolling Stone’s endorsement of IQAir’s Atem Desk underscores its status as the best portable air purifier available today. With its cutting-edge HyperHEPA filtration, efficient and quiet operation, and unparalleled portability, it offers a reliable solution for improving indoor air quality.

The number one air cleaning solution for your home.

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