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Group of IQAir filters
Group of IQAir filters
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How to Get Started

Joining is easy! All you have to do is pick your filter, choose your subscription preferences (high or standard usage), and checkout as normal!

  1. Pick your filter(s) and
  2. Choose your subscription preference:
    a) standard usage (10-12 hours per day)
    b) high usage (24/7 usage)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which filters does the subscription apply to?

You can get a subscription for the HealthPro Series, GC Series, and Atem Series filters.

How does subscribing to a filter program affect my product's warranty?

When you have an active filter subscription, you automatically qualify for an extended warranty when you register your product! To learn more about our warranty click here.

How would I adjust my subscription?

Once you sign up for a subscription, you’ll receive an email where you can log in, create an account, and adjust or cancel your subscription as you see fit.

Woman outdoors breathing in with eyes closed and grass in background
Woman outdoors breathing in with eyes closed and grass in background

Terms and conditions apply

IQAir Subscription provides 5% off list price on IQAir Genuine Replacement Filters in all future recurring Subscription orders when you sign up for Subscription on IQAir.com. Receive the discount right away on filter-only purchases. To redeem order savings, customers must set up an IQAir Subscription. Free standard shipping to continental U.S. addresses only on all orders. We reserve the right to change the offer of your Subscription at any time. All list prices are subject to fluctuation and/or change without prior notice. Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers, privileges, promotions, vouchers, promotional coupons, items on sale, loyalty programs, or in-house offers unless otherwise stated.