PerfectPro Series Whole-House Air Purifiers

PerfectPro installed in home
PerfectPro installed in home
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Success Stories

Indoor Air Quality Alert: South Florida Flash Flooding

Flash flooding has inundated much of South Florida, prompting authorities to warn residents to stay off the roads. Find out how flooding can impact indoor air quality.

Wildfire Map Spotlight: Twin Lakes Wildfire

A fire burning near Twin Lakes, Colorado has cause evacuations. Find out how this fire may impact air quality.

Heatwave Map Spotlight: U.S. Southwest Heatwave

Extreme heat warnings have been issued across the Southwestern United States. Find out more about how heatwaves can impact air quality.

RHMC on tablet with hands
RHMC on tablet with hands

¹In independent laboratory testing, the PerfectPro series of filters achieved a 99.9% reduction of airborne influenza A.